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Silly Poems to Bring a Smile

The creative energy I have been tapping into lately is looking a lot different then what you might be used to seeing here. I play around with creative writing at my leisure, and lately I’ve been inspired to get silly and tap into the child within me. As an adult looking back at the literature that impacted me most as a child, I cannot help but be drawn to authors like Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein and Robert Munsch. I loved their quirky rhyming, made up vocabulary, larger than life stories and silly pictures, often as whacky and eccentric as the stories were.  You’ll see their influences here with these light-hearted and silly poems that, for whatever reason, manifested in my brain. Perhaps you can close your eyes and imagine some zany illustration to go alongside them.

Small But Mighty

Mirror mirror on the wall
whose the tallest one of all?
I don't know, fore I can't see,
the face that should look back at me!
On tippy-toes I stretch to find
my height has seemed to fall behind.
On my toes I stretch out tall,
but still I am a bit too small.
I tried mom's heels to gain an inch,
but was still too short by just a pinch!
I tried some glue to raise my hair,
but sadly now my head is bare!

But now I've come to to think it through,
there's more to small than feeling blue.
I'm small and quick and I sneak by,
undetected like a spy!
In hide and seek you don't know I'm there,
cause I can fit almost anywhere!
I never duck or hit my head,
and my feet never hang over the bed.
I'm never told I'm in the way,
but rather put out on display!

So there mirror on the wall,
I don't need to see my face at all.
Cause small is mighty and small is keen,
I'll see my face when I turn sixteen.

My Pet Snake

Snakes are lovely, snakes are grand
but my mom just doesn't understand!
They love to snuggle just wait and see
when it coils its body all round me.
"It's trying to eat you!" she said quite smug,
"you're silly mom, it's just a hug!"

Perfect Crazy

You are silly
and you are kind.
You make me laugh
until I lose my mind!
You are a jokester
and I love your pranks.
As far as I'm concerned,
you're at the top of my ranks!
You are absurd
even when you are lazy.
You are strange and you know it,
you're the perfect kind of crazy!

Dancing Centipede

He was a dancin' and tappin'
with a million dancing shoes.
He was a singin' and a clappin'
wiping away the blues.
He was a slidin' and a glidin'
moving across the floor.
With a scurryin' and a hurryin'
making his way towards the door.
He was nifty and he was shift
cause that bugger got away.
He is yucky but oh so lucky
that dancin' centipede got away!


Learning to Let Go

Learning to Let Go

Finding Happiness - Right Here. Right Now.

Finding Happiness - Right Here. Right Now.