I am Kelly Spanik, and I am the writer, photographer and enthusiast behind Root and Wing.

I am a born and raised Canadian girl from Burlington, Ontario. Traveling and visiting new places is just about my favourite thing, but I am also a busy working girl trying to have it all!
When I am not planning my next big adventure you'll find me testing out new paleo recipes, getting active outdoors and learning new ways to be more healthy, self-sufficient and live in the present.

I am a true believer in being the best version of yourself, and I like to think I strive for that in all I do.
Do what you love, find things that make you happy and surround yourself with good vibrations – and that is exactly what I am doing here!

So follow along and explore my passions, pursuits and experiments in food, health, travel and style!
I hope you’ll find a little inspiration for your own life adventures too.